Wednesday, September 14, 2011

eHow WCP Over - Do You Miss It?

Anyone who has written for eHow in the past as part of the Writer's Compensation Program knows that the program is now over and what the settlement was. I can't say because of the non-disclosure form, but I was initially happy with the way it turned out. Now, however, I am seriously missing those monthly payments. It was nice to know that I had that coming in every month and that it was all passive income. Now? Nothing is coming in from them aside from my Demand Media royalties.

If you had payments that have now ended with a settlement, do you miss the payments, or were you happy with the way things ended? Do you still get payments from Demand Media rev share articles? My DM rev share payments are only about half of what I was getting from my WCP payments, but it's still nice to have. Which is better or you?

If you don't know what DM rev share articles are, just ask and I'll enlighten you about it. With those articles, it is still possible to get a monthly payment for rev share articles that are published on eHow, though the process of publishing them is different.