Tuesday, February 9, 2010

No Affiliate Links in New eHow Articles

If you have ever used affiliate links to make money online through your eHow articles, the rules just changed. Starting yesterday, no more affiliate links are allowed in new eHow articles. You don't have to take out the old links, and you won't have your old articles deleted for having affiliate links, but no new articles can have them.

Here is the ruling on using affiliate links. The actual rule is the one at the very bottom in tiny print. So, not only is the new rule one that can get your article deleted from the site, it wasn't even brought to the attention of eHow writers. It wasn't emailed to us, and I only heard about it, a day later, from someone else who happened to see it. This is coming on the heels of the whole eHow U.K. fiasco, which I am now hearing is not yet resolved. My eHow payments are actually lower this month, per day, than they were last month when the problem was supposed to have been solved.

The infrastructure problems, the deletions, the U.K. problems and the lack of communication are tempting me to turn away from a site that used to be a fairly fun little money maker. I am still undecided, though. If revenues go back up to what they were pre-U.K., continuing to write for them may end up being worth it.

What are your eHow payments like now? Have they gone back up, or are they tanking like mine are?

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