Monday, March 14, 2011

Getting Your Deleted eHow Titles Back

Depending on how many titles you had on eHow, your deleted titles may be just one or two, or they may number dozens or even more. My 78 deleted eHow titles seemed pretty impossible to find, even if I did have the time to search my account for the titles and then compare that to the new titles. So, I emailed eHow and just asked if they could tell me what the titles were? Guess what? They actually did. I got the full list this evening, saving me hours of work. All I have to do now is make sure that I have the deleted titles in my eHow Word file. If not, they are still cached on Google for now.

If you have a lot of titles that you want a list of, you may have good luck by simply emailing eHow. If you only have a few and don't want to wait for the answer (it took about five days for me to get a reply), you can check them by comparing the article titles in the Earnings Reports section of the new eHow console ( It seriously sounds like a pain, but it's better than losing work that you've already done. The only question now is where to put all of those articles...

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