Monday, April 5, 2010

eHow Ending WCP

After several years and a lot of writers finding their SEO footing, eHow is now ending the Writer's Compensation Program. A lot of eHow writers did see this coming, but like a lot of people, I didn't see it coming so quickly. It looks to me like a poorly-written NYT article got to the owners and made them feel self conscious about a lot of the bad WCP articles that were out there.

Here's what this means if you are an eHow writer:

If you have draft articles, you can finish them right now and still get them published. Some people are reporting that they can still create new articles, complete with new titles, and that they are going through. That might be possible for another couple of days. But, if you have draft articles, get them done in a hurry. You have seven days from today.

Your articles will still earn you money. Your articles will stay on the site, and you will still be paid for them.

You will no longer own your articles. If the articles are now being run through Demand Studios, you will no longer retain the rights to them. They haven't clarified this yet, but trust me. It's coming. All Demand Studios articles are bought outright, and their rev share articles are no different.

If you were accepted to write for Demand Studios and haven't written for them before, congratulations. They are sought after by a lot of Web writers because they pay quickly and there is as much work as you want. Here is a look at what it's like to write for them. Actually, this is more accurate, but there are some positives. The pay is twice a week, and you can decide between up-front pay and rev shares. If you write a good number of both, you have money coming in quite often and can buy tons of Cheetos.

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