Tuesday, April 6, 2010

What to Do With Your eHow Articles?

eHow writers who have any articles on the site have some choices to make right now. If you were accepted to write for Demand Studios and you want ot move your articles under their control, there is a new set of rules that you must accept. Among them is this: Demand Studios has the right to stop paying you at any time. That's right- for no reason, they can simply stop paying you.

For now, eHow staff members are telling us that you will retain the rights to WCP articles, even after they go to the control of Demand Studios. This will give you the right to publish them elsewhere, but it will not necessarily give you the right to remove your articles from the eHow site once the articles make the migration. And, Demand Studios will retain the right to republish the articles anytime during the next six months.

The alternative is to take your articles down right now. Apparently, you can't do that right now without asking their permission. And, once you ask for permission, they have 10 days to remove the articles.

If you choose to take your articles and run, you have to ask to resign from the WCP and ask them to remove everything. If you haven't been accepted into Demand, I really am not sure what your options are. I think you can leave them under Demand Studios control and continue earning or you can resign.

Personally, I'm unsure what to do. I want NO part of the new guidelines whatsoever. They have even removed the five-year cap on the Demand Studios revenue share articles, apparently after we agreed to five years of royalties from the articles. The new unlimited cap is touted as being "royalties forever," but it really just means that they can stop paying for those if they choose to. I wrote the rev share articles through Demand because I was afraid they'd do something like this at eHow. I'm seeing a pattern here.

*All of this is coming from my reading and rereading the new guidelines. The entire thing is convoluted and difficult to get through and various eHow staff are clarifying it by the hour. And on top of that, all of this is subject to change at any moment and it probably will because that's how this company rolls.

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